+20 Strange Beauty Hacks That Really Work

A spritz a day keeps the cake away (not that kind of cake, we like cake, we mean cakey makeup!) 

If you ever feel like your foundation looks a little cakey, you’ve got too much powder on, or you just feel like your highlighter looks a little harsh, then we urge you to try this next step!

We love to spritz setting spray after we pop our foundation on, then again after powder, bronzer, eye makeup, etc. Try it for yourself! The spray will settle powders into the skin, merge everything together and also make your highlighter look so much smoother. It sounds so simple but honestly SO effective.

It’s also great throughout the day to refresh your makeup. Simply blot away any oil, dab a little powder over oily areas, then go ahead and spritz your setting spray! If you’re dry, you can skip the powder and use a hydrating spray with a damp sponge and a little concealer if you need to!